Tuesday Night Men’s



Weekly Pairings

Week 12, February 27th

4:00 PM on Court 1: Sean Purcell, Shaun Heimann, Brandon Price & Tucker McNinch
4:00 PM on Court 2: Fred Adler, Bill Hines, Hank Langendorf & Rich Rowe
5:00 PM on Court 1: Matt Freitag, Jim Comalli, Jon Pickwell & Tyler Besse
6:00 PM on Court 1: Justin McKennon, Eric Lamoureaux, Brian Tremblay & Tom Campoli
6:00 PM on Court 2: Michael Coakley, Dillon Benham, John Fontaine & Chuck Leach


Post Week 12

Tourney StatusRankPlayerLeague PointsWin-LossSweepsTotal PointsWeeks PlayedPoints Per GamePoints Per WeekWin %
Yes1Matt Freitag13922-143168124.11461%
Yes2Jon Pickwell13720-103145104.214.567%
Yes2Jim Comalli13720-132161114.314.661%
No4Adam Kirby13517-132140104.11457%
Yes5Tyler Besse13320-16316512413.856%
Yes6Eric Lamoureaux13021-121151113.913.764%
Yes7Brian Tremblay12516-1111259413.959%
Yes8Michael Coakley12014-161127103.812.747%
Yes8Tom Campoli12015-181134113.612.245%
No10Fred Adler11413-14111493.712.748%
No11Ashley Miller11114-1011118413.958%
Yes11Chuck Leach11113-14311193.612.348%
No11Dillon Benham11114-220129123.210.839%
Yes14Bill Hines11014-191124113.311.342%
No15John Fontaine10914-161116103.411.647%
No16Sean Purcell10715-9210783.813.463%
No16Rich Rowe10715-210127123.110.642%
No18Hank Langendorf10111-22011111310.133%
Yes19Andy Kelly7810-817863.81356%
No20Shaun Heimann777-2007792.68.626%
No21Phil Mamolito719-917163.411.850%
Yes21Brandon Price717-141717310.133%
23Tucker McNinch677-1706782.58.429%
No24Justin McKennon598-425944.314.867%
25Adam Brickle453-904543.511.325%
26Gary Baker111-501121.75.517%

League Format

Tuesday evenings with scheduled match times between 4pm-8:30pm

After you register for the league, each week that you are available to play fill out the “Weekly Sign Up Form“. From there we will take all of the registered participants for the week and place them into groups of 8. The group of 8 will be based on your standings in the league. The top 8 will be one group, the next 8 will be another group, and so on. The group of 8 will be randomized into two groups of 4.  These pairings and start times are released weekly on Tuesday mornings by noon and can be found on the league page of the website. The start times will be anywhere from 4pm to 9pm depending on the number of sign-ups for the week. Only sign up if you are available to play within that timeframe.

You will play a no-ad set to 5 with each member of your group, with a tiebreaker at 4-4. From there you receive points for the week based on the scores of your games. For example let’s say your scores were 5-4, 3-5, and 5-2. Your points for the week would then be 13. Additionally, you receive bonus points for winning matches. If you win 1 of your matches you get 1 bonus point, 2 of your matches 2 bonus points, and if you win all 3 you get 3 bonus points. Therefore the most points you could receive in a given week is 18, also known as a Sweep. In our example above, that person would receive 15 total points for the week when adding in their bonus points. During weeks 4, 5, and 6 we begin dropping player’s lowest weekly scores, with a total of 3 weeks dropped throughout the season.

We then take all of the points throughout the season and use them to decide the pairings and seeds for the League Championship. The #1 league-ranked player will get to play with the #2, the #3 with the #4, and so on. The nice thing about this format is that everyone who plays in the league gets to play in the championship regardless of their total points at the end of the season. This allows people to join late and miss certain weeks while still being able to win the whole league.

Season Schedule

Week 1 Kickoff

Week 1 of the Regular Season
on November 28th

Regular Season

Weeks 1 through 13
Beginning November 28th


Saturday, March 2nd
Beginning at 9:00am

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