Instructional Videos

Overhead Strategy

Too often we hit our paddle overheads without intention. What is your target when resetting to the ring of fire? What is your goal for hitting a roller into the corner? Not until you visualize your shot and play with intention are you going to be able to play at a high-level. Watch Mark Johnson review some tips on intention with overheads.

Safe Targets = Better Lobs

When hitting paddle lobs, most players either don’t have a target at all or aim too close to the baseline. Miss less lobs using safer targets.

Platform Tennis Drive Lesson – Part 1

To play at a high level in paddle, it’s essential to have a consistent drive. Most players improve very little because of ineffective instruction and practice plans. Watch our 3 part paddle drive technique lesson on how to be your own coach


TIP: Skip to the 1:20 mark on the video. Jean Kempner and Nate Parsons examine ways to communicate during match play. Imagine the ball has a magnet in it. Your group should

Backhand Drive Off The Deck

Tips to improve your backhand drive off the deck (one and two handed)

Head and Toe Protector

The head and toe protector concept, done correctly, will dramatically improve communication and win more points. We suggest running though the formation without a ball first, then incorporate live ball drills.

Advanced Slash Overhead

Learn the slash – Advanced Paddle shots to end the point